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You may be unsure whether now is the time to call us. The following may be of assistance:

Q. I am an employee at will. Does that mean I have no rights?

A. No. All that means is that you can be terminated at any time without cause, except for an unlawful reason. Unlawful reasons include reasons that violate federal and state discrimination laws, whistleblowing laws, or state tort laws for wrongful discharge. You may also be able to sue under federal or state laws for discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, or demotion. In addition, the manner in which you have been treated or terminated may give rise to liability for such things as invasion of privacy, defamation of character, or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Q. I have not been terminated, but I am afraid I am about to lose my job. Can you help me?

A. A good part of what we do is devoted to counseling employees who believe they are about to be terminated to help them try to fend off the termination, or help put them in the best possible legal position if they are unable to avoid it.

Q. If I call you, what will it cost?

A. Our office policy is that we provide the initial telephone consultation free of charge.  If we determine that we will be able to assist you, we will come to an agreement regarding fee arrangements.  In many situations, we will agree to accept the case on a contingent fee basis, which is based on a percentage of what we are able to recover for you.  In some situations, if you are seeking advice about an employment matter that does not involve litigation, we will charge an hourly fee for giving that advice.  In all cases, the fee is discussed before any charge is incurred.

Q. If I call you, will it be confidential?

A. Yes, all calls are considered confidential.
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